Early disease detection could be as easy as breathing.

Our technology has the potential to detect disease early through a simple breath test.

Results of Breathe BioMedical Inc.’s most recent research support the potential of our technology to detect early-stage breast cancer. Our study identified differences in the breath measurements of women with early-stage breast cancer compared to those without breast cancer with 88.2% accuracy. A sub-group analysis found that breast tissue density had no noticeable effect on the results. This groundbreaking research was conducted by Dr. Farah Naz, using Breathe BioMedical’s technology, and was published as an online abstract at the ASCO 2023 Annual Meeting.
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Early disease detection is key to helping people live longer, healthier lives. Our technology could make the early detection of diseases easier, faster and more accessible than ever before.

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Biomarkers in Breath

When we exhale, there’s much more in our breath than most would ever suspect. Find out more about the way in which we are using breath analytics to change how and when we detect disease.


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