Breathe BioMedical Announces Bill Dawes as CEO

MONCTON, NBSeptember 5th, 2023 – Breathe BioMedical (BBM) has announced Bill Dawes as their new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective August 14, 2023. Bill has served as the Chief Business Officer (CBO) at BBM over the last two years before stepping into the role of CEO in August.

BBM CEO, Bill Dawes

Bill is an experienced leader in the pharma and diagnostics space, having held executive level positions at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Lantheus Medical Imaging and LikeMinds. He brings broad experience in business and operations functions within highly regulated, public, and private company settings with experience ranging from large companies to start-up settings.

When speaking of the announcement, BBM’s Executive Vice Chair, Telfer Hanson said, “In my short time with the company I have become even more impressed with the technology and the team at Breathe BioMedical. I am excited to have Bill, with his broad background and experience, in this critical leadership role as we advance our work for this platform technology in the breast cancer screening space.”

BBM is a clinical development stage company that is currently developing an accurate, accessible and non-invasive breath test to detect early-stage breast cancer in women. Today there are significant limitations of screening with mammography for women with dense breast tissue. Nearly 50% of women have dense breast tissue for which mammography has a lower sensitivity. BBM is developing its technology platform to enable non-invasive disease screening with improved accuracy for breast cancer detection in all women, including those with dense breast tissue.

Speaking of the new role, Bill said, “I am thrilled to lead this team as we advance this revolutionary technology clinically in breast cancer. My goal is to make this technology a reality for early-stage, accessible breast cancer screening. There is a clear unmet clinical need for a breast cancer screening test that will be sensitive enough for all women, and we believe we can develop that test.”

In addition to this exciting announcement, Breathe BioMedical has welcomed Dr. Norman Betts to its Board of Directors. Dr. Betts is a seasoned professional with experience in corporate, government and academic sectors. He has extensive expertise as a board member and senior leader. His experiences include being the Minister of Finance for New Brunswick, a Director at NB Power, a Director at Bank of Canada and a Professor at the University of New Brunswick. We are thrilled to have Dr. Betts join our team and bring his valuable financial and board experience to BBM.

BBMs recent changes in leadership and area of clinical study are representative of the clear and focused plan which has been developed for the company resulting in an even brighter outlook ahead for this exciting technology.

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About Breathe BioMedical:

BBM is a medical technology company focused on developing an accurate breath test to detect early-stage breast cancer in women. Breath analytics involves the collection, processing, and analysis of breath samples to identify biomarker patterns associated with specific diseases.

In 2023, research by Dr. Farah Naz that used BBM technology, was published in an online abstract at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) conference. This sub-group analysis showed greater than 88% accuracy in differentiating between the breath signatures of women with early-stage breast cancer, compared to those without breast cancer. The research also found that breast tissue density had no noticeable effect on the results.

BBM is located in Moncton, New Brunswick and its US subsidiary is located in Boston, Massachusetts. One day, detecting disease will be as easy as breathing.