Our goal is early-disease detection.

Breathe BioMedical™ is developing technology that could be a simple but valuable addition to mammography for breast cancer detection.

Breathe BioMedical is developing a powerful platform technology that is designed to detect diseases using only exhaled breath. Our goal is to make the early detection of cancer and other diseases through breath analysis a reality.

Our technology is designed to work by identifying the biomarkers of disease. We have active studies underway where we are exploring the potential of using exhaled breath to detect disease. We believe this technology could revolutionize multi-disease detection.

Our pursuit is to make our simple breath test available in clinicians’ offices, clinics and pharmacies. In a single breath test, our technology has the potential to detect numerous diseases.

Our Vision: A new paradigm for early-disease detection that improves quality of life and saves lives.

Our Mission: Revolutionizing early-disease detection with our breath-based platform technology.

Our Focus: To develop an accurate breath test to detect early-stage breast cancer in women.

Our Quality Statement: Our commitment to quality saves lives.

Just breathe®


Our most recent research was able to identify differences in the breath measurements of women with early-stage breast cancer compared to those without breast cancer with 88.2% accuracy. A sub-group analysis found that breast tissue density had no noticeable effect on the results. This groundbreaking research was conducted by Dr. Farah Naz, using Breathe BioMedical’s technology, and was published as an online abstract at the ASCO 2023 Annual Meeting.  
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Breathe BioMedical has an amazing team of partners who conduct research with our technology and support our goals.


Breathe BioMedical has established core values that guide our work internally and externally. We live by these values daily.


ISO 13485 Certified is an international standard for quality systems for medical device manufacturers across the globe. This certification demonstrates, by third party review, that Breathe BioMedical’s full end-to-end quality management system meets the highest standard for safety and quality.