The science of breath analytics.

Breathe BioMedical’s goal is to identify composite biomarkers for routine early disease detection.

Our breath is full of chemicals called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are produced by metabolic processes in our bodies. These compounds can reveal a great deal about the clinical state of an individual’s health, environmental exposure, and about metabolic changes.   

Breath analysis has the potential to allow for timely detection of disease which may benefit practitioners in identifying health issues early, which will lead to saving healthcare resources, and more importantly, saving lives. Breathe BioMedical’s technology is being developed to be able to identify biomarkers of disease often long before symptoms appear. 

Our platform technology combines three advanced technologies to sample, digitize and analyze breath with the potential to detect multiple diseases. 



Just breathe® and we’ll collect a breath sample ready for the lab.



Our technology is designed to translate breath samples into spectral data sets using our advanced infrared spectrometer. 



Our technology is designed to use a machine learning algorithm to identify disease biomarkers contained within the spectral data sets.