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Written by Vitalité Health Network, Thursday, April 6, 2023 – A revolutionary tool for detecting lung cancer is being studied at the Vitalité Health Network. Developed by Breathe BioMedical, a medical technology company based in Moncton, this experimental method could detect the early stages (1 and 2) of lung cancer using a breath sample. This new research collaboration will build upon an earlier proof-of-concept study.

Dr. Marcel Mallet, a respirologist at the Dr. Georges L. Dumont University Hospital in Moncton, is the principal investigator of this promising study titled “Infrared Spectroscopic Analysis of Volatile Chemical Compounds in the Breath of Lung Cancer Patients.”

This important next phase of the research program will focus on patients with early-stage lung cancer (stages 1 & 2) and will include those with pulmonary nodules that are being monitored.  Nearly 35% of people who undergo lung cancer screening have indeterminate pulmonary nodules (IPN). After identifying an IPN, patients usually undergo a biopsy and plan for follow-up screening to monitor nodule growth.  After identifying lung nodules on a chest scan, clinicians need to decide if the patients should be referred for immediate further investigation or to follow up over time with further scans or other procedures to monitor nodule growth.

This new breath analysis technique could reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies, complications and stress for patients and their families.

The expertise of the Vitalité Clinical Trials Unit team will ensure the smooth running of the study, which will involve 90 individuals and is expected to begin in April and last a year.

“We are excited to be starting this new partnership with Vitalité and Dr. Marcel Mallet.” said Breathe BioMedical’s CEO, Dr. Stephen Graham. “We have seen promising results for lung cancer detection using our technology in the past, and this study will enhance that data as well as provide new insights into nodules. As always we are very happy we can conduct this research with experts in New Brunswick.”

Dr. Marcel Mallet

“If the study is positive , this new lung cancer detection technique using breath analysis will be a significant advancement in oncology,” explains Dr. Marcel Mallet. ” Because the technology is based on changes to cellular metabolism anywhere in the body, the breath test can detect diseases that exist outside of the lung. This could lead to the detection of other types of cancer, such as breast cancer, or detect precursor signs of other diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.”

The Vitalité Health Network is proud to work with Breathe BioMedical to investigate opportunities to advance care for patients in the province.

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