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(Moncton, NB) March 9th 2021 – Picomole’s innovative infrared absorption technology combined with machine learning algorithms allows for the processing of breath samples to provide insights into a patient’s health. It is especially promising for the monitoring of slowly progressing diseases such as cancer, respiratory diseases and neurological disorders.  Using our breath analytics technology, Picomole is able to generate a fingerprint-like analysis of human breath, which can be applied to fast, non-invasive disease detection. 

Regular maintenance is required for each infrared absorption spectrometer to achieve its full potential. Maintenance is costly, time consuming and results in processing down-time, so Picomole has embarked on a project to reduce the amount of required maintenance making the device more efficient.  

With advisory services and research and development funding from the National Research Council of Canada– Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP), our team will be able to improve the effectiveness of our spectrometer. This project will result in a spectrometer that requires less maintenance and increased uptime which is important for the commercialization of the device.  

Picomole is grateful for the support from NRC IRAP as we continue to advance the development of our breath analysis technology.  

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