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(Moncton, NB) February 25th 2021 – The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) is an organization that bridges the gap between Canadian and foreign companies. The TCS has been helping Canadian organizations in the global market for over 120 years and funds the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA), a service that is specific to tech companies. The CTA assists small companies by getting access to foreign technology spaces, investors and mentorships. Their program allows for great networking and business opportunities, providing Picomole with access to international markets and partners.  

Picomole’s CEO Stephen Graham participated in the CTA San Francisco program, and previously participated in the CTA Boston program. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the San Francisco program was held virtually. These experiences allow for innovative technology companies to get access to the resources and expertise of California and Massachusetts, two of the biggest medical technology states in the country. Access to these markets continue to allow us to build our network with key stakeholders in the digital health space. As an innovative medical technology company, connecting with important international investors and mentors is a major advantage in support of Picomole’s route to market.   

​“Picomole is always excited to attend programs or events like the CTA, because it opens the doors to so many possibilities. During my time with the CTA, I have connected with many important leaders in the medical technology space who can benefit our work at Picomole. I look forward to continuing this program and seeing what opportunities it may bring for our team.” said Picomole’s CEO Stephen Graham.  

​Picomole welcomes the opportunity to grow our business network. If you are interested in partnering with Picomole, email us at  

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