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High school senior, Natalie Dawson, was eager for her fall co-op placement, to build on her interest in the fields of physics and chemistry. With the help of her co-op teacher, she began searching for the right organization to give her a unique science experience. This is when Natalie discovered Breathe BioMedical (BBM).  

Natalie Dawson

“My sister had mentioned Breathe BioMedical and let me know that it was a relevant organization in Moncton. After checking out the company with my co-op teacher, we reached out to Breathe BioMedical to see if there was a co-op opportunity for me there.”   

“Breathe BioMedical regularly hires interns to work in our Moncton lab from universities across Canada.” stated BBM CEO Dr. Stephen Graham. “When the opportunity came up to have Natalie join our team as a high school student, we knew that she would provide a unique perspective to the team.”   

Natalie joined BBM in September and has been working primarily with the physics team. She has worked on numerous projects over the term, including writing papers related to the company’s Infrared Cavity Ring Down Spectrometer, and shadowing our physicists in the Moncton lab. Natalie received health and safety training prior to working in the lab, which allowed her to assist during spectrometer maintenance, assemble spectrometer parts and load sorbent tubes into the spectrometer. She also has been working on different research papers, including a paper on waves and light and an analysis of an article on liquid biopsy.  

“It was so interesting; I had never heard anything about liquid biopsy before. I enjoyed reading and researching about the topic and then providing a summary to the team.”   

Natalie says that Breathe BioMedical has been a great co-op experience. “My term with Breathe BioMedical has definitely made an impact on my future career. The work I have done has solidified my interest in physics and chemistry.” 

The internship has even helped her identify a potential career path.  

“One of the most impactful aspects of this co-op was the opportunity to work in the lab. It has been so cool to see staff in the lab working to bring everything together. I know that I want to work in a lab in the future and be able to do what they do one day.” 

Dr. Stephen Graham is happy that BBM was able to provide Natalie with a meaningful STEM co-op experience. “Seeing that BBM has helped solidify Natalie’s passion for science, tells me that we are doing our jobs. An important part of hiring student interns is helping them navigate their interests and their goals for the future.” 

Natalie is attending St. Francis Xavier University in the fall of 2023, where she will be working towards a Bachelor of Science Degree. We are grateful for the strong skillset she has brought to the company and are excited to see what she will accomplish in the future.  

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