Precision Patient Recruitment.

Patient recruitment
by biomarkers,
not symptoms.

An objective approach to participant enrollment.

Clinical trials are evolving to become increasingly organized around participant’s lifestyles. To accelerate drug development and clinical trial outcomes, Breathe BioMedical makes non-invasive biomarker sample collection simple and accessible.

Good therapies often fall short because clinicians are not able to identify participants who will respond well to the therapy by objective means.

We provide a robust composite biomarker for participant enrollment and efficacy evaluation. With our non-invasive approach to breath-based sampling, we can improve trial participation and access to more stratified patient populations.

Opening the Door to Clinical Trials

Breathe BioMedical’s sampling system is compact, portable and does not require calibration. It can be deployed virtually anywhere, allowing large, diverse patient populations to be screened for clinical trials.

The result is faster, more efficient trials, that accelerate development of life-saving therapies for patients.