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(Moncton, NB) December 16, 2021 –  Breathe BioMedical’s CEO Stephen Graham, has been accepted to participate in his third Canadian Technology Accelerator Program. This newest virtual program out of Taipei, Taiwan will provide a range of opportunities, including networking with major international healthcare and technology companies across Asia. Breathe BioMedical is especially excited about the focus on AI algorithms in relation to healthcare and expanding our reach to new digital health spaces.

Dr. Stephen Graham

The CTA program is helpful in connecting organizations and fostering funding and business relationships that we may otherwise have never had the opportunity of meeting. In prior CTA programs in San Fransisco and Boston, Steve was able to make valuable and long-lasting connections with key players in the medical technology industry. Having the CTA program as a platform to share Breathe BioMedical’s technology is invaluable. As an innovative medical technology company, connecting with important international investors and mentors is a major advantage in support of Picomole’s route to market.

Breathe BioMedical is excited to present our technology to the Taipei program as it could have a huge impact on health care in Taiwan. As of 2019, the leading cause of death in Taiwan was cancer. Lung cancer is among the deadliest types of cancer, and in Taiwan, 53% of lung cancer diagnosis are too non-smokers, according to Pan-Chyr Yang’s research. As cancer rates rise, and more non-smokers develop lung cancer, screening measures need to be improved and more widely accessible. Our technologies ease of use and distribution is a solution to these needs. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to connect our technologies possibilities with rising medical concerns in Taiwan.

Breathe BioMedical welcomes the opportunity to grow our business network. If you are interested in partnering with Breathe BioMedical, email us at



About the Commissioner Trade Service: The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) is an organization that bridges the gap between Canadian and foreign companies. The TCS has been helping Canadian organizations in the global market for over 120 years and funds the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA), a service that is specific to tech companies. The CTA assists small companies by getting access to foreign technology spaces, investors and mentorships. Their program allows for great networking and business opportunities, providing Breathe BioMedical with access to international markets and partners


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