Breath Sampler

Breathe BioMedical Breath Sampler Technology


Detecting disease could soon be as easy as breathing. At Breathe BioMedical, we have created non-invasive and accessible breath sampling technology that has the potential to detect many diseases. Our breath sampler device, SohnoXB, allows for individuals to provide a simple breath sample which will be analyzed for breath biomarkers.  

Breathe BioMedical’s user-friendly breath sampler enables users to consistently collect air samples onto industry standard thermal desorption tubes. Our SohnoXB device is a Class 1 medical device listed with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Breathe BioMedical has received a Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL) from Health Canada (HC). On top of this, our device has multiple patents and applications, making it truly one of a kind. The quality of our proprietary breath sampling technology is superior when compared to other commercially available approaches. The SohnoXB breath sampler is best in class due to its ability to collect exclusively alveolar breath. Our breath sampler can be used in conjunction with any form of mass spectroscopy or any other technology that utilizes an industry standard sorbent tube.