Early breast cancer detection saves lives.

Our breath testing technology aims to support mammography screening for clinicians who may otherwise face uncertain results.

Our goal is to implement a new accessible breath test as an adjunct to mammography for women with dense breast tissue which could significantly improve the number of breast cancer cases identified at the earliest stages.

Mammography is the current gold standard for breast cancer screening. It can be difficult to distinguish between a tumor and dense breast tissue, as they both appear white on mammograms. Nearly 50% of women over the age of 40 have dense breast tissue. These women are 4-5 times more likely to develop breast cancer than women without dense breast tissue.  

Evidence suggests that half of cancers are missed in women with dense breast tissue. As such, these women are more likely to be given a breast cancer diagnosis within a year after getting a normal mammography result. This clearly highlights the unmet clinical need for a detection tool that will be sensitive enough to detect breast cancer in all women, including those with dense breast tissue.

Recent results published by Dr. Farah Naz identified differences in the breath measurements of women with early-stage breast cancer compared to those without breast cancer with 88.2% accuracy. A sub-group analysis found that breast tissue density had no noticeable effect on the results. 

View 2023 ASCO Breast Cancer Abstract


Our breath sampler is compact and portable, allowing deployment in accessible locations.


Our approach to sampling is non-invasive without any exposure to radiation.


Our technology is designed to be cost effective and can be administered by trained non-technical staff.