Early disease screening saves lives.

Technologies exist for disease screening, yet many people are not getting screened.

Accessible Routine Screening.

There’s a hard truth facing the medical community that we are out to change: too few people participate in screening programs. A significant barrier is access.

Standard screening processes typically involve a separate trip to a clinic or other medical facility. Screening is time-consuming and may require patient fasting, contrast or tracers, imaging or blood work, and in some cases, a clinical procedure using sedatives or anesthesia. Many live too far from a screening facility to make routine screening a viable option.

Making Early Disease Screening Widely Accessible

We hope to remove barriers to access for disease screening, and dramatically increase the number of people participating in recommended programs. As patient screening volumes increase, early detection of asymptomatic patients will also increase, allowing for earlier intervention and disease management.

Our sampling technology can be placed in physicians offices, clinics and pharmacies, providing accessible early-detection options for all high-risk populations. Just breathe: no needles, no contrast, and no radiation.



Our breath sampler is compact and portable, allowing deployment in accessible locations.


Our approach to sampling is non-invasive without any exposure to radiation.


Our technology is less expensive and can be administered by trained non-technical staff.